E-commerce Service

Our in-house developed technology can be customized for individual customer requirements. We believe our clients will always be the most important aspect of our business. Technology will enable us to adapt and be flexible to the ever-changing e-commerce environment.

Same Day Delivery

We offer a same-day delivery service in many countries.

B2B Service

We provide heavyweight pickup and delivery service. We also provide a premium guaranteed time-definite service for high-priority shipments.

Freight Service

Our freight service includes air, sea, land, and multimodal cargo shipments for import and export to and from many countries. Our freight specialists will support our clients with the best available routes, schedules, and rates.

Fulfillment Service

Our fulfillment service offers online access to the Warehouse Management Solutions System for stock and dispatch updates. Our system managers stock levels and provide stock level reports to our clients on a daily basis. Our system provides an individually identifiable location on all racking, linked to a unique item SKU search.

Customs Clearance

Our specialized clearance team provides express and freight clearance for both high and low-value shipments. GLT Express provides consulting and compliance advice. We provide this service for both commercial and individual customers. SOP for customs declarations and shipment compliance is provided, including all VAT and DUTY requirements.

Line-haul Service

Our line-haul service provides scheduling, dispatching, and tracking of every shipment, ensuring cost-effective, timely deliveries at all times. Our technology provides our customers with full visibility of all these processes.